It’s only February, but Penn’s offense is already humming along. The Quakers are fourth in NCAA in adjusted offensive rating per Offensive coordinator Pat Myers has scrapped the traditional attack and midfield positions for new roles: ball-handlers, shooters, swing men, and glue guys.

Players receive a PER-type grade after each game. Hidden stats — like carrying out double-teams or setting a pick that forces a switch — factor into that PER. Hockey assists count, too. (Hopefully Chris Santangelo earned one on the beautiful face-off fast break to win the game against Duke. Shoutout to face-off/wings coach Ryan Danehy on the play design!)

Those grades give everyone an opportunity to have their contributions recognized. Glue guys are picking and re-picking all over the field. The dodgers — Simon Mathias (5G, 4A) and Kevin McGeary (8G, 2A) — are creating for themselves and for others. Here are a couple re-picks that Penn has run to put Mathias and McGeary into impromptu razor pick scenarios.

For more information on Coach Myers’ offensive philosophy, here is his IMCLA 2017 presentation on Positionless Lacrosse.