Most teams look to pick for their best playmakers. Picking with your playmakers can be as effective. North Carolina senior attackman Chris Cloutier (36G, 14A in 2017) is a prime example of this. The Tar Heels will pick for him frequently to get him to the middle of the field.

But when the Tar Heels pick with Cloutier, it opens even more doors for their offense. Putting the ball in junior Andy Matthews’ (12G, 27A) crosse makes everyone on the field a threat. He’s so smooth with the subtleties of the pre-pick setup; Matthews will change directions at the last moment to dupe his man into slamming into Cloutier.

Combine Matthews’ pick-and-roll IQ with Cloutier’s box lacrosse experience, and you have a two-man game made in heaven. Cloutier flips his picks in harmony with Matthews’ roll backs, and he manages to escape untouched to create as much separation between himself and his new defender once he catches off the roll.