The Knighthawks got a big win against Colorado two weeks ago, and as of today they own the tie-breaker against Buffalo and Georgia in the 3-way tie for 1st place in the East. With 3 games remaining, all against division opponents, Rochester is completely in control of their own destiny when it comes to this playoff race. But if they drop one this week against the Rock or especially the season finale at Buffalo, things can get all sorts of hairy. What can they do to make sure they stay on top?

In general, the Knighthawks have been pretty good at everything, so they need to find an area that they’re already good at and be better. One of those situations is getting off ball assists from pick-and-roll ball handlers.


This is a great find by Josh Currier. The whole play is set up by Austin Shanks’ first cut while Jamieson has the ball. When Jamieson skips the ball past Shanks to Currier, literally right off Tyson Bell’s ear, it throws him off just long enough for Shanks to mosey through the defense and arrive right in front of the crease. The 2-man action with Currier and Joe Resetarits draws Tyler Burton up, all while Bell is staring down the ball. These kinds of opportunities open up due to crisp passing and purposeful movement by the players. This cut by Shanks was not quick, was not hard, but it had a deliberate destination and a set goal in mind.

The other way is to keep crashing the offensive boards. All of the Rochester players are really good at putting themselves in positions to gobble up rebounds. If they can keep crashing hard on missed shots, they could really start blowing some people out on the scoreboard and make the move from “dark horse contender” to “legitimate contender.”