While Rob Pannell’s pick-and-rolls at X resemble the high pick-and-rolls seen in the NBA, other players run side pick-and-rolls on the wing. These vertical actions look more like box lacrosse than basketball. They’re almost always run with both the ball-carrier and the picker’s sticks toward the middle of the field, making it tough for the defense to prevent a shot without sending a third defender.

Will Manny is one of the best wing pick-and-roll players in the league. Last summer he had 10 goals and 9 assists in pick-and-roll situations. Only Jordan Wolf (15G, 5A) had more pick-and-roll points.

In 2015 the Cannons leveraged Kevin Buchanan’s box lacrosse background and step-down shooting reputation to get Manny free for shots. With Buchanan as a picker, Manny used his lateral quickness to get his shot off seemingly at will.

We saw glimpses of what these actions can do in 2015, but Manny only finished with 4 goals and 2 assists in pick-and-roll situations that summer. In 2016 the Cannons became even more dangerous by changing fields off these picks, which turned Manny into a passer.

Manny regularly draws the top matchup, so even when a pick fails to bring an extra defender to the ball side, it can be successful as long as it separates him from his defender. This pass down pick down with Justin Turri gets Manny switched off co-Defensive Player of the Year Mike Manley and onto a short-stick. That’s enough breathing room to pick apart an off-ball defense even when they’re expecting the pass. Manny absolutely threads this through The Forest to Davey Emala for the game-winning goal.

It’s telling that the Cannons counted on these wing pick-and-rolls to produce in crunch time. Both of those clips are in overtime. Each time, Manny delivered.